The Kids of Limi Valley

In 2011, a Buddhist trekking group rested for one night in the remote valley of Limi, Nepal while heading to the sacred mount Kailash in Tibet. Fortunately, a member of the group could speak the local Tibetan dialect and was able to bridge a conversation between the Limi people and the travelers. They were anxious to tell their story.

The travelers learned of the three small stone schools in the region had been left empty and without support shortly after they were built by the government a few years back. The school was on the verge of closing within weeks. The closing of these schools meant that parents would have to send their children to Kathmandu or New Delhi for work or education; most likely never to return again.

These Buddhist travelers happened stopped into the CITTA Hospital on their return home. They explained the conditions of the communities and asked if we could support the schools. We more than happy to assist this amazing culture in need of support.

CITTA pledged to support these three schools annually, a promise made possible by the generous donors like you.

Sponsorship is $20 per month

Phurbu Tsamchoe
Kunchok Dorjee
Passang Dhundup
Passang Bhuti
Tenzin Penpa
Tenzin Norbu
Dechen Dolker
Nyima Lhazey
Phurbu Dhondup
Tashi Wangmo
Thinley Wagmo
Tashi Dolma
Lobsang Tashi
Tsering Wagmo
Thinley Norbu
Nyima Sangmo
Lhakpa Dolma
Lhapo Dharpo
Sonam Tsering
Sonam Choedon
Tenzin Choedon
Pema Tsamchoe
Dechen Choedol
Tashi Lhanzom
Yangchen Lhamo
Lhasey Dolma
Passang Bhuti
Tsering Nyima
Tsering Dolma
Tsering Youdon
Tenzin Kyizom
Kunsang Dolma
Lopsang Tenzin
Pema Choedon
Lhakpa Sangmo
Tsering Tashi
Phurbu Thinley
Konchok Choedup
Kunga Sangmo
Yangchen Dolker
Ngawang Tenzin
Tenzin Dolkar
Passang Choedon
Lhanzom Bhuti
Pema Choekyi
Tsering Choekyi
Tenzin Dorjee
Konchok Lhundup
Lopsang Dhundup
Konchok Tsering
Konchok Lhakpa
Sonam Rinchen
Dolma Woeser
Kalsang Bhuti
Tenzin Yangkyi
Konchok Norbu
Namgyal Dorjee
Tenzin Phurbu
Tenzin Metok
Tenzin Choeyang
Tenzin Nyidon
Konchok Shenphen
Tenzin Namdhak

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