The Kids of Juanga

In 1999, the largest cyclone to hit India in over 100 years ripped through the coastal region of Odisha for three days. This cyclone was in the same region where CITTA had been running the local hospital since 1996. The cyclone also destroyed the few small government schools that existed. Odisha, one of the poorest states in India where only 10% of the local population has received any formal education, was already at a disadvantage.

In 2001, CITTA responded to the lack of educational resources in the community by constructing The Vivekananda Primary School. This public school opened with 140 students in KG-1, 2 and 1st and 2nd grades. Now, after 20 years, the school has grown to include all classes from KG-1 to 10th.

To accommodate the approximately 420 students presently enrolled, CITTA constructed a second larger structure for a high school.

Presently, we have 31 staff, of which 23 are teachers. The curriculum includes math, science, social studies, art, music, ethics, Oriya, English, Hindi, and Sanskrit. On Saturdays, the entire student body gathers under the canopy of the school’s banyan tree for their yoga class.

The majority of the students come from families who rely on subsistence farming, fall well below the poverty line established by the Indian government, and live on less than $2 per day. The students show great enthusiasm for their education and travel to the school from many local villages as far away as 8km (5 miles) by foot or bicycle. The school offers underprivileged children, both boys and girls (the latter of whom were previously kept home), the only opportunity for an education in the area.

Sponsor a child's education for only $20 per month.

Rashmikanta Das
Sumitra Nayak
Aditya Mohanty
Asit kumar Swain
Surya Kanta Swain
Rasmita Sahoo
Pupun Parida
Deba Prasad Swain
Manasmita Swain
Sachin Kumar Nayak
Shritam Bhoi
Biswajeet Mallick
Pragati Mallick
Manisha Mallick
Biswajita Mallick
Soumya Ranjan Das
Omm Prakash Mallick
Smruti Rekha Mallick
Sikha Mayee Mallick
Sarita Nayak
Ranee Behura
Soumyasri Mallick
Aman Kumar Sethi
Barsharni Mallick
Subhasmita Nayak
Subhasri Das
Jyoti Prakash Sethi
Adyasha Ray
Bhagya Jyoti Lenka
Rajesh Das
Sipun Biswal
Abhijit Sahu
Abhinandan Swain
Choudhuri Sambit Biswal
Debabrata Nayak
Monalisha Sahoo
Prince Rout
Priyabrata Dash
Priyambada Nayak
Rakesh Nayak
Sambit Nayak
Swadhin Samrat Rout
Subhasmita Rout
Prakash Barick
Biswa Ranjan Rout
Asis Kumar Nayak
Sonali Swain
Puja Nayak
Archita Nayak
Ritesh Kumar Rout
Snehasish Rout
Biswajit Parida
Lipsamayee Swain
Rimjhim Mallick
Srisant Kumar Rout
Gyana Ranjan Behura
Sony Das
Ankita Swain
Barsarani Swain
Chinmaya Mallick
Dibyajyoti Nayak
Munu Charan Nayak
Omm Prakash Pradhan
Omm Prakash Nayak
Pritika Mallick
Pradyumna Behera
Rudra Narayan Sethi
Rinku Mohanty
Rashmi Ranjan Moharana
Sipun Das
Soumya Ranjan Nayak
Suman Nayak
Swayamprabha Swain
Subhasmita Senapati
Sakti Rekha Sahoo
Santosh Rout
Subhashree Nayak
Sankar Nayak
Archana Muduli
Omm Prakesh Sahoo
Soubhagya Ranjan Sethi
Pritam Kumar Mallick
Susmita Lenka
Shubhalaxmi Bhol
Dibyajyoti Mallick
Barsha Pri Mallick
Sasmita Muduli Muduli
Jagyansenee Mallick
Adyasha Lenka
Rajeswori Lenka
Debasmita Swain
Swoyam Sai Rout
Aryasa Lenka
Subhasmita Swain
Miki Biswal
Priya Mallick
Subhankar Das
Priyanka Pri Mallick
Pranati Mallick
Bidusmita Swain
Pabiraj Mallick
Swoyam Sarthak Mallick
Smruti Ranjan Nayak
Prachi Pragyan Bhol
Priyadarsini Biswal
Abhipsa Rout
Pradeep Rout
Sunit Nayak
Arpita Ray
Satyajeet Nayak
Pragyna Priyadashini Muduli
Sambit Mallick
Subhasman Kandi
Mrutunjay Biswal
Tapaswini Nayak
Ankita Priyadarshini Behera
Priyabrata Rout
Rabi Narayan Mallick
Monalisha Mallick
Barsha Priyadarshinee Nayak
Rhul Nayak
Arya Prakash Mallick
Ayasha Nayak
Priyanka Sethi
Subhasmita Swain
Badal Kumar Barick
Baishakhi Priyadarshini Sahoo
Lopamudra Rout
Ipsita Rout
Bhagyalaxmi Mohanty
Somaditya Mallick
Ranee Das
Pragyna Priyadashini Muduli
Subrajit Rout
Sambit Kumar Nayak
Ashutosh Lenka
Satya Sai Swain
Sabitri Nayak
Sabirti Nayak

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