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Sponsoring Hilda Mary UG/DK/038 helps provide for basic needs like food, clothing, education, and access to healthcare. In many cases, it also allows us to provide bible studies and HIV/AIDS prevention services.

Child Name: Hilda Mary UG/DK/038

Birthday: Sep 29, 2009

Gender: Female

Location: Dokolo Kamuda


Mary lost her father two years to stroke. She is the second youngest in the family of four. She is staying with her mother together with the rest of her siblings. Being a single parent, Hilda's mother is struggling with meeting all her family needs and paying school fees has been shelved for other priorities like food and health. Hilda is a hard working and friendly little soul who always helps her mom to do the little things at home. She is hoping she will get a sponsor soon so that she can settle at school.