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Sponsoring Benard UG/DK/020 helps provide for basic needs like food, clothing, education, and access to healthcare. In many cases, it also allows us to provide bible studies and HIV/AIDS prevention services.


Child Name: Benard UG/DK/020

Birthday: Dec 6, 2004

Gender: Male

Location: Kamuda, Soroti, Uganda


Bernard lost his father when he was still very young. He and his other 8 siblings were left to be raised by their poor mother who can barely make ends meet for this family. This has slowed down the pace at school for him because he has to do chores in other people's homes to be able to raise money for his tuition. He is currently in P4 in Dokolo-Kamuda Primary School. Sponsorship would go a long way in helping Bernard stay at school and get an education that will help him realize his dreams. He is a quiet and humble young man.