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Child Name: Saraswoti Bhandari

Birthday: 12 (Mar 15, 2008)

Gender: Female

Location: Daya Girls Home

Favorite Color : Blue

Favorite Activity: Dancing

Favorite Subject: Nepali and English

Country : Nepal


Saraswoti Bhandari is from a remote hilly area of west Nepal. Her mother passed away in childbirth with her fourth child. After this Saraswoti's father eloped with a new wife abandoning Saraswoti and his two younger daughters from his former marriage. Saraswoti had been living with her elderly grandmother. Now that Saraswoti is living in the Daya Girl's Home she is receiving the nutrition, clothing, and education her family would not or could not provide for her. With continued support and the love of a sponsor Saraswoti will be able to build a bright future and break the cycle of poverty for herself and her family.

Prayer Request:

Please pray for her studies and for her bright future.

Region Information:

Kailali is a rural district in the Terai region of Nepal. Like most rural Nepali regions, Kailali finds itself crushed by the weight of extreme poverty. Greedy landowners and disastrous monsoons leave the average family with an income of about $200 a year. Numerous issues accompany and perpetuate this extreme poverty, such as incredibly low enrollment rates in school, lack of healthcare, open borders which lead to trafficking, poor sanitation and lack of clean water. A recent increase in government and international aid in the region has brought moderate improvements in the areas of health and education.

Country Information:

Nepal is a small, geographically diverse country of 28 million people. It is divided into three geographical regions: the Hill region, consisting of mountainous slopes used for farming, the Terai region, consisting of plains, forests and marshes, and the sparsely populated Mountain region, which boasts the beautiful Himalayan Range. While Nepal is a secular republic, the influence of Hinduism and the caste system is pervasive. Dalits, members of the untouchable caste, experience extreme prejudice. Additionally, the country is plagued by one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world, a weak education system, large-scale economic struggles and lack of infrastructure. Despite the fact that proselytizing is illegal, Christianity is steadily growing in Nepal, making up about 3% of the population.