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Child Family Name: Gideon

Gender: Male

Age: 21 (Dec 16, 1998)

Public Bio:

Rashid (Gideon) is a strong and resilient young man. He was taken to Nkoaranga orphanage in 1998 by his father when he was one day old soon after the death of his mother

Gideon was later transferred to another home when he was five years old. He stayed there until he completed his form four exams, and later returned to Nkoaranga, seeking refuge and guidance in the place he had once called home when he was younger.

Although outside the scope of our normal admission policy, we have decided to work together with Gideon on a plan together for his future college enrollment. He currently helps us with daily tasks at HFCV and has been a wonderful mentor and friend to everyone here.

Location: Happy Family Childrens Village

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