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Child Family Name: Mama Fabian

Gender: Female

Public Bio:

Mama Fabian is a young, single mother with one son, Fabian. She is currently living with her parents, brothers, and sisters in their family home. When Fabian was born, it was discovered that he had extra tissue in his nasal passages, that made it very difficult for him to breathe and required surgery. With the help of our Family Preservation Program, we were able to loan Mama Fabian money for the surgery, and enroll her in the outreach program to start a business of her own, so that she could become financially independent and support her young son. Once Mama Fabian completes her business course, she will work with the outreach team to outline a business plan. Become Mama Fabian's sponsor today to help ensure that she and young Fabian have a bright future!

Location: Family Preservation Program

Child Information: Fabian (1)

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