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Child Family Name: Afrasion

Gender: Female

Public Bio:

Meet Afrasion, a single mother with 5 children. She entered the Family Preservation Program shortly after her husband passed away with a clothing business. Because of her hard work and dedication, she excelled at the clothing business and quickly graduated our program. Recently, with a desire to improve her house and the overall living situation for herself and her children, she reapplied to our program in hopes of receiving an Agriculture Project. Afrasion was selected from a pool of returning applicants to receive a loan to start an agriculture project and will soon do so. Please consider becoming Afrasion's sponsor to ensure that she is doing everything she can to improve the lives of her children.

Location: Family Preservation Program

Child Information: Praygod(20), Noreen(16) who is in Form 1 at Nshupu Secondary, Thomson(10) who is in standard 1 at Nshupu Secondary, and twins Patrice and Patricia(5) who attend TST Daycare

Business: Agriculture Project

100% of sponsorship contributions go into a pool to care for our children - none of it is spent on administrative fees or overhead. Your donations are also 100% tax deductible!