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Child Family Name: Neema P.

Gender: Female

Public Bio:

Neema is a single mother with 2 small children, Jovin and Alvin, who lives in Nkoaranga with her parents. Neema and her mother have been running a small restaurant for some years now, but they have been struggling to produce a profit. We have provided Neema with a loan to expand the restaurant, in hopes that expanding the business will help to improve her income. Please consider donating to help support Neema's restaurant and help her better provide for her children.

Location: Family Preservation Program

Child Information: Jovin (5) is in baby class at a Lutheran school and Alvin (1)

Business: Restaurant

100% of sponsorship contributions go into a pool to care for our children - none of it is spent on administrative fees or overhead. Your donations are also 100% tax deductible!