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Child Family Name: Mama Suzy

Gender: Female

Age: 47 (Nov 21, 1972)

Public Bio:

Meet Mama Suzy! She has two daughters, one who is away at secondary school and one who lives with her and attends a local primary school. Mama Suzy lost her husband as well as one of her children to illnesses, and since then has struggled to be able to provide sufficiently for her children. She is currently partnered with TST to have a chicken project, in which she was initially struggling. Through guidance and extra help from the outreach team, Mama Suzy has turned the chicken project around as is now doing well! Consider being a part of this special woman's journey to become a businesswoman by becoming her sponsor today!

Location: Family Preservation Program

Child Information: Rosemary (17), Suzy (9)

Business: Chicken Project

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