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Child Family Name: Mama Erick

Nickname: Naomi

Gender: Female

Public Bio:

Naomi is the mother of 4 children. Before having her youngest child, who is now 1 year old, Naomi earned an income by selling fruits at a local market. However, caring for her young children made it difficult for her to work and her husband has been unable to contribute to the family's income. Now in partnership with TST's Family Preservation Program, Naomi has begun a an avocado and banana business and a goat project. With your help, Naomi will continue to increase her income and improve the conditions of her home to better provide for her family.

Location: Family Preservation Program

Child Information: Eric (15) has graduated from Standard 7, Luka (11) is in Standard 5 at Nkoaranga Primary School, Flora (7) is in Standard 2 at Nkoaranga Primary, and Anna (1) spends most of the time with their mother.

Business: Avocado and banana business and Goat Project

100% of sponsorship contributions go into a pool to care for our children - none of it is spent on administrative fees or overhead. Your donations are also 100% tax deductible!