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Child Family Name: Vumilia

Gender: Female

Public Bio:

Vumilia is a mother with 4 children. She is the primary source of income for the family because her husband is unable to find work. Vumilia has had little formal education and could only find minor jobs, such as borrowing bananas to sell on market days. By partnering with TST, she has been able to start a chicken project and can now provide for her family. She also works at our Outreach garden and we assist by covering the cost of school fees for her older children.

Location: Family Preservation Program

Child Information: Her three older children attend Nkoaranga Primary School: Nisan (14) is in Class 6, David (12) is in Class 5, and Elymack (5) is in Baby Class. Jemason (2) does not yet attend school, and is mostly cared for by her mother.

Business: Chicken Project

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