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Child Family Name: Mama Jofrey

Gender: Female

Public Bio:

Mama Jofrey is a widowed mother of four children. Her first husband and the father of her two oldest children was killed while working as a security guard. The father of her two youngest children does not provide support nor maintain a relationship with the family. Mama Jofrey lives on a small piece of land that belonged to her deceased husband's family, who has tried to force her off of the property. Fortunately, the Village Council was able to assist her in remaining in her home. Currently Mama Jofrey supports her family by doing manual labor, such as collecting and selling firewood. TST has provided assistance in helping her to expand her existing chicken business and in starting an additional maize business.

Location: Family Preservation Program

Child Information: All of her children attend Urisho Primary School. Jofrey (14) is in Class 7, Christopher (6) in Class 6, Giftyanna (9) in Class 3, and Angel (5) in Kindergarten.

Business: Chicken and Maize Businesses

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