Sponsor Evelyn Rosario Martinez Velasquez

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Sponsoring Evelyn Rosario Martinez Velasquez helps provide tuition and supplies for school as well as provide for other needs that may arise such as food, medical needs and clothing.

Student Name: Evelyn Rosario Martinez Velasquez

School Name: Cooking

Gender: Female

Story: My name is Evelyn Rosario Velasquez Martinez. I am 16 years old. I chose Love Guatemala because my parents do not have a lot of money and other schools are very expensive. I also chose Love Guatemala because they teach a lot of beautiful things. I chose cooking school because I would love to have a future career in that. I would like to one day have my own business that is recognized by other people. I want to some day be able to help my parents and give back a little of what they have given me. In these three years that I will be in Love Guatemala, I am going to push myself to be better and make my parents proud.

Birthday: Jun 4, 2003