Sponsor Andy Alan Serech Cumes

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Sponsoring Andy Alan Serech Cumes helps provide tuition and supplies for school as well as provide for other needs that may arise such as food, medical needs and clothing.

Student Name: Andy Alan Serech Cumes

School Name: Cooking

Gender: Male

Story: I have found that I have to travel to be able to be a professional in the kitchen and to help my family. I have to travel daily to study, but I go with excitement to learn. Even with the difficulties that I have to go through, I believe in God and I know he guides me. Also, my parents do not have the money to help me with my studies. That is why I found Love Guatemala. I want to be someone in life and to be able to support my parents. I know that studying will help me a lot. I travel from Solola to be able to study so I had to rent a room. But I know it will be worth it.

Birthday: Jun 10, 2004