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San Felipe Child Sponsorship Program

Why Your Support Matters

Helping children and improving their lives is a large task that takes all of us doing what we can. Together we can see substantial change in the life of one child at a time.

Your support makes this possible. If you choose to support a child, they will receive a consistent meal and the realization that someone loves them. Your partnership will change their lives forever. (and your's too!)

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost is only $12 per month, or just 40¢ per day to support a child.

Where Your Support Goes

"Not one penny goes for administrative costs" 100% of your donation directly benefits the child you are supporting. 

For the children that attend school, part of the sponsorship money is used to buy school supplies (books, pencils, etc.) and feed the children. The hot meal served at the ACIFAC Community Center is often times the only consistent meal they can count on! These children are living in very dire circumstances and schools in Mexico do not provide meals for the students.

Sponsor Luis Manuel Matuz Martinez

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Sponsoring Luis Manuel Matuz Martinez helps provide basic needs like food, clothing, and an education.

Child Name: Luis Manuel Matuz Martinez

Birthday: 13 (Jul 22, 2007)

Gender: Male

Father: Francisco Armando

Mother: Nubia Raquel Martinez Winkler

Number of Siblings: 1

School Attended: Secondaria-Tecnica No 6

Grade: 1-ero

Shirt Size: Medium

Pants Size: 32

Shoe Size: 7 USA