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Sponsoring Suneena - Pakistan helps provide basic needs like food, clothing, and an education.

Child Name: Suneena - Pakistan

Birthday: Dec 1, 2011

Gender: Female

Country: Pakistan

Extended Biography:

Suneena is a student at Joyful Educational Institute. Her and older brother and 2 other sisters also attend school here while her mother and father work tirelessly 6 days a week to barely provide basic needs for Suneena and her siblings. However, they barely make enough to pay the rent on their studio apartment where the whole family of 8 shares a single bed and two chairs. If it were not for the blessing of this school ministry, Suneena and her siblings would be left to the streets and at risk for kidnapping and trafficking or forced to work in sweatshops or the brick kilns.

Give: Your sponsorship will help provide Suneena with daily nutrition, clothing, and a Christian Education; preparing her for a better tomorrow.

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