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Sponsoring Abiya - Pakistan helps provide basic needs like food, clothing, and an education.

Child Name: Abiya - Pakistan

Birthday: May 1, 2015

Gender: Female

Country: Pakistan

Extended Biography:

Abiya is in Preschool at Joyful Educational Institute. Her family works as Street Sweepers, and struggle to provide her and her siblings with basic life necessities. This is by far the dirtiest job in Pakistan. With the immense population in such a small country with a crippled economy, the Christian Community is already seen as the “untouchable class” and are given the lowest careers in society. The sides of major roads and neighborhood streets are riddled with litter and garbage. The main sewer lines back up and overflow daily. It is up to these workers to unclog the drains - meaning often they have to dive in themselves without proper protective gear and remove the blockage by their bare hands. Sewer Workers and Street Sweepers often contract diseases and infections from their daily operations. It has been reported that doctors at the local hospitals will not serve these people because they are deemed “double dirty”.

Give: Your sponsorship will help provide Abiya with daily nutrition, clothing, and a Christian Education; preparing her for a better tomorrow.

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