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The elderly, like the children, are incredibly venerable in El Salvador. The average income is between $50-$100 per month where in rural areas where we serve while the food is just as expensive as the US! Sponsoring Pastor Mario will truly be a life changer and express the love of God to this precious soul.

El Salvador is located on the Pacific coast between Guatemala and Honduras, El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America. El Salvador experiences frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity and is a very poor country with the average monthly income of $300.

Forty percent of the population in El Salvador is made up of children, and 50 percent of them live in extreme poverty.

El Salvador has the second-highest number of homicides in the world, registering 69.2 violent deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.

More than 25 percent of children under 5 in Ecuador suffer from chronic malnutrition.


Name: Pastor Mario

Gender: Male

Personal Story:

Please pray and consider sponsoring Pastor Mario who gave up everything to serve the Lord on the mission field. Originally from El Salvador, he was living here in the States and working installing cable. He made a decent living for his family. Three children and now three grandchildren.

The Lord told him to leave the States and go back to El Salvador and start a church. He was obedient to do that but having no income he relied fully on the Lord to provide. Shortly after he returned God sent Kingdom First Missions to El Salvador and by His design Pastor Mario and Kingdom First Missions began working together in obedience to Almighty God. Pastor Mario is rooted in sound doctrine and grateful for his salvation and lives the out Word in His daily life. He is also a been a faithful partner with Kingdom First Missions and has worked very hard on every responsibility given to him.

He not only Pastors the church that was founded in his backyard, but also evangelizes every living creature. He helps with teams, distributes the blessings to our sponsored children and he lives on no income. He does everything voluntarily.

One time after working we stopped for pizza and the special was, buy one get the second for $6. So I got the 2nd pizza and told him to take it to his family. He began to cry and praise God because that was like a royal banquet for his family. Pizza is a luxury for most Salvadorans. And sometimes all his family has to eat is tortillas.

Please help us bless this faithful man of God.

He has three needs.

His vehicle died and he used to go and pick up people for church in his van from almost an hour away! He brings some of the children to Bible study and church and feeds then a hot meal. If he doesn’t pick them up, they walk great distances to get to the church.

-He needs a trustworthy vehicle.

-He needs money to provide a hot meal to the Sunday school kids every Sunday morning. About $100 per month. The numbers are growing. So whatever you can do will help.

-He needs about $200 - $250 a month for groceries and gas. Gas is way more expensive than it is here and groceries cost about the same.

We realize that one person cannot pay all of these needs themselves, so we are looking for several sponsors for Pastor Mario. We have been working with him since 2011 and he has never asked for one thing. He does everything with joy and out of his love and fear of Almighty God.

So, please prayerfully consider a one time donation towards a vehicle, or sponsor him monthly, or sponsor the Children’s Bible study monthly. It will surely advance the Kingdom of God!