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Sponsoring Daniel helps provide basic needs like food, clothing, and an education. More importantly, we provide Living Water and the Bread of Life to these precious souls teaching them about Jesus giving them hope in such desolate conditions. God bless you.


Child Name: Daniel

Gender: Male

Age: 10

Personal Story:

Daniel and his family were living on the street when Kingdom First Missions found them. They started coming to church and have given their lives to Christ. Almost 3 years ago Kingdom First Missions through God's provision was able to help this family get off the street and paid the first six months rent to get them into a cinder block home. They are still there. Its just a living room and two small bedrooms. No kitchen. They cook outdoors with fire or cook together with the pastor. Daniel's father works far from home as a security guard and he makes very little money. Enough to keep up the rent on the house. But not enough to feed the family adequately. His mother and father have become leaders in the church. She sings and and they both help with the children's bible study. They are a blessing to the Kingdom of God. Daniel would appreciate a sponsorship of any amount.

Country: El Salvador