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Esther Vantieghem


First Name: Esther

Last Name: Vantieghem


9 years ago, my husband and I exchanged Belgium for DR Congo to help children in need. I remember well the first 13 kids that came 1/month to our backyard for a hot meal, games, homework assistance and Bible stories. Today those kids are still part of our program. One of them recently finished her studies and is soon to 'officially' say good bye to us. Very encouraging!
What started 9 years ago, grew in to 4 sites welcoming 50 children each Monday to Saturday. Children ages 4 to 9 can be recruited based on their vulnerability. We only work with the poorest of the poor, meaning: no acces to school, no acces to health care, less then 2 meals a day, extra vulnerable due to HIV in the family, being orphaned, abuse, neglect, ...
We set up 'Ministry CarePoints' in the poorest areas of Kinshasa. A Ministry CarePoint recruits 50 children as described above.

We put them in a nearby school so that education is assured. After school, they walk to our Ministry site for a 4h program including things like: a hot meal, medical attention, life-skills, the Word of God, tutoring and homework assistance, trauma counselling, games, art and much more. All is paid for by our organisation through donations.

The best thing is that the children get to stay in their families. Over 60% of our children are orphaned. Most of them live with a grandmother, a neigbor, an aunt, that cannot afford taking care of them. Through the Ministry CarePoint, the children get the support they need to grow and develop, while they get to stay in their family, within their communities. Through a Ministry CarePoint, a child gets the change to brake the cycle of poverty, AIDS, stigma, and much more and live a stable, healthy and God-honouring life as an adult.

One of our friends in Belgium came with the idea of getting people to sponsor him to climb the highest mountain in Africa. All sponsormoney he committed to send to us in Congo so we could continue caring for the 200 children currently in our care. It's one of those special fundraisers to help fund the overall financial need.

While my husband is the one to speak at chuches, meet with donors, write funding proposals, ... I want to help by climbing a mountain in August 2018!

I want to donate 5000€ as sponsormoney to our Ministry in Congo. On top of this, I need 4500€ to fund the trip itself (airline tickets, visa's, climb-equiment, 11 days travel, ...). I would love for you to go and climb with me as the more people climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro being sponsored to do so, the more funds we get in DRC to pull children out of the valley of poverty and hopelessness.

If climbing a week to over 5000m altitude is not your thing, maybe you want to consider making it possible for me to do so on your behalf? If a large enough team of friends come together and each gives what he/she wants/can, I know we can do this! What do you say?

On behalf of myself, for allowing me to raise funds in a manner that suits me better then speaking engagements, and on behalf of our 200 children being given hope, I thank you for helping me to 'Climb for Hope!'


Location: Kinshasa, DRC

Event: 002 Climb for Hope

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