Sponsor Saroti 40 Female Ulludanga Bangladesh

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Sponsor Saroti for any amount you choose monthly. 100% goes directly to help these precious widows. Sponsorship provides nutritious food, clothing, shelter, & life saving medical care and most important, teaching these precious widows true Love. A small donation to Saroti will make a world of difference in one of the most impovershed places on earth. www.GlobalMissionForChildren.org

Name: Saroti

Age: 40

Gender: Female


Saroti is a poor widow & lives on our new mission field in Horidhali, Ulludanga, Bangladesh. She is 40 years old & her husband died 12 years ago. She has 1 son and 3 daughters & lives in a mud house. She works tirelessly in the field to provide for her family but it's a great struggle. A monthly sponsor for any amount would be an incredible blessing She is a member at our house church & loves the Lord.

Town or Village: Ulludanga

Country: Bangladesh