Sponsor ​Christine Awino 67 Years Old Female Sega Siaya Kenya

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Sponsor ​Christine Awino for any amount you choose monthly. 100% goes directly to help these precious widows. Sponsorship provides nutritious food, clothing, shelter, & life saving medical care and most important, teaching these precious widows true Love. A small donation to ​Christine Awino will make a world of difference in one of the most impovershed places on earth. www.GlobalMissionForChildren.org


Name: ​Christine Awino

Age: 67 Years Old

Gender: Female


Living in the incredibly impoverished country of Kenya in incredibly tough. Being a widow in Kenya is about as hard as it gets as they are they, for the most part, are treated inhumanely and shunned by the community at large. Please pray to help dear Christine pay for the necessities of life in Jesus name.

Town or Village: Sega

County: Siaya

Country: Kenya