Sponsor Kennedy Masika Moi's Bridge Kenya

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Sponsor Kennedy Masika. Sponsorship provides these indigenous missionaries much needed funds to continue the work the Lord Jesus has called them to do. Please partner with Kennedy today.

First Name: Kennedy

Last Name: Masika

Gender: Male


Brother Kennedy Masika is 48 years old and married to his beloved wife Monicah. They are blessed with 4 children, 3 daughters and a son .He came out of the "Faith Homes" denomination and has been alone until we started the house fellowship. A good preacher of the word and gifted in dealing with the youth . He oversees our other few brethren from the other end of the state and is an elder of Working Faith Fellowship Moi's Bridge. A good trusted brother. He does manual jobs for his family's upkeep.

City: Moi's Bridge

Country: Kenya