Sponsor Moses Sifuna Wafula Bungoma Kenya

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Sponsor Moses Wafula. Sponsorship provides these missionaries much needed funds to continue the work the Lord Jesus has called them to do. Please partner with Moses today and God bless you. www.GlobalMissionForChildren.org


First Name: Moses

Middle Name: Sifuna

Last Name: Wafula

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 37 (Jul 7, 1980)


The ministry is located in the town of Bungoma, western Kenya, and, is led by Moses Sifuna Wafula. He is the senior pastor and works with other servants of the Lord. You can read his incredible testimony by clicking here. Besides the church, he also runs an orphanage and school for the poor children. He has an incredible burden for these kids because he was once one of them! The orphanage school is not built but we trusting God that we will be blessed with land and put up a home, a school and a health center facility for these precious kids. At the moment, he uses a small church for classrooms. There is a total of 96 kids. Sustaining this ministry is a very heavy task for Moses because he pays three trained teachers, buys books and all school stationary and provides food (porridge) and medication. The kids were left behind by parents who died of HIV Aids. Some of these kids are infected due to the mother/child transmission….they are so sick and to help them, medication is a must. The orphanage/school is located deep in the marginalized village but the church is in the middle of Bungoma township.

As the lead pastor, Moses has the responsibility of making sure that the people of God get the right doctrine. He feels so blessed to be partnered with a CHRIST centered, bibically sound ministry like GMFC and is eager to learn more and more and pass what he has learned to the pastors working with him thus passing on the Gospel to the people of Kenya. His desire is growing in the knowledge of the word and continues to establish a stable, strong, teaching ministry that will withstand and overcome the false doctrine of this day.

City: Bungoma

Country: Kenya