Sponsor Hilton Biswas Khulna Bangladesh

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Sponsor Hilton Biswas. Sponsorship provides these indigenous missionaries much needed funds to continue the work the Lord Jesus has called them to do. Please partner with Hilton today.


First Name: Hilton

Last Name: Biswas

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 41 (Oct 29, 1980)


GMFC has partnered with Pastor Hilton Biswas, who leads a ministry with 6 mission fields, a home church and youth program in Bangladesh. A country where less than .5% of the population is Christian (90% Muslim). Pastor Hilton is a dedicated, born-again Christian, that serves the Lord with all his heart. He preaches holiness and repentance to the most remote areas of the world. His testimony of deliverance is incredible and he realizes the power of God’s words and promises, especially in this verse Luke 12:48. He is serving the people of Bangladesh in accordance with GMFC’s sound, doctrinal, biblical beliefs with all his heart. He recently moved and is planting churches as well as evangelizing to the lost daily. Please pray, and, if you are moved, partner with us. Click here for more giving options on our website.

City: Khulna

Country: Bangladesh