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Your monthly support provides an education for your student at the Vivekananda School all the way through high school graduation.Your donation goes directly towards our program in Juanga where over 600 students are educated annually at no cost to their families. Without the support from our Student Sponsorship Program, these students would be left without education.

You will receive exclusive quarterly updates about the school and classroom activities, a class photo of your student, student artwork and regular updates on the work CITTA is doing to expand education in Odshia. We can't wait to share the difference you are making in students lives by becoming a student sponsor.

First Name: Bhagya Jyoti

Last name: Lenka

Student ID: 379

Gender: Male

Birthday: 24-Aug-07

Grade: Class 4

Village: Juanga

Interests: Cricket

With your support, students will gain the education, confidence and life skills needed to live full lives and overcome the cycle of poverty. Odisha is of the poorest states in India where only 10% of the local population has received any formal education. Your $20 monthly gift provides your student the only opportunity for an education in the area where they live.

This winter, CITTA will add an additional floor to the school, allowing for the enrollment for an additional 200 students. Your monthly donation supports CITTA in expanding educational services to as many students as possible, impacting communities for generations to come.