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The award-winning Rajkumari Ratnavati Girls school will open its doors in 2021 to families challenged with poverty in rural Jaisalmer. By sponsoring a student, you allow CITTA to provide education for nearly 150 students anticipated to enroll this spring. Students will be added each year until we reach capacity at 400 students!

Against odds both economic and societal, many of our students will be attending school for the very first time. Thank you supporting the vision for GYAAN Center.

Sponsorship allows Citta to provide students with daily classes, transportation, a uniform, lunch and supplies for success.

Upon student enrollment in spring, you will be notified and assigned a "student ambassador" to cheer on. CITTA will mail you a photo of your student with updates from the classroom and programs of the GYAAN Center. You will become a part of the CITTA community and receive digital updates and artwork throughout the year as we celebrate the students.

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