GMFC Bangladesh

$6,870 To Go | 3 Donations


Northern Kenya & Southern Ethiopia Mission

$4,130 To Go | 20 Donations


Moi's Bridge (Rift Valley) Kenya Mission

$8,575 To Go | 4 Donations


Moringa "Miracle" Tree Farm Project

$6,800 To Go | 7 Donations


Micro-Finance a Small Business in Kenya & Bangladesh

$6,950 To Go | 1 Donation


GMFC Blanket & Mosquitoe Net Campaign

$2,500 To Go | 0 Donations


GMFC Clean Water Filters

$5,700 To Go | 15 Donations


Medical Needs for Abudub, a singly parent in Moyale, Kenya. "We have prayer request about one the youth in our fellowship, his name is Abudub and he is my nephew. He has been sick since early August, is bed ridden & his condition is not well. He was taken to many hospitals and finally diagnosed with POTT'S disease, SPINAL TB. Pott's disease is a form of tuberculosis that occurs outside the lungs whereby disease is seen in the vertebrae.

He is very weak ao please keep praying for him as nothing is hard to our God. His treatment will take long as doctor prescribed 6 to 9 month need physiotherapy and use medicine, he is now charged over 300,000 ksh. Let pray also God will provide hospital bill.Thank you and God bless you brethren." -William wario Kosi (GMFC Kenyan Overseer)

$3,000 To Go | 0 Donations


The Kibera Slum (Nairobi) Mission Field

$7,000 To Go | 0 Donations


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