Welcome to our Child Sponsorship page. Please remember to give only as you are moved according to His word 2 Corinthians 9:7. 100% of all donations go directly to the mission fields. Here you will be able to sponsor a needy child of your choosing. A few dollars per month will provide life-saving necessities to these precious children of God. Most importantly, we give them Living Water, the Word of God.The sponsorship program is a church based ministry and is designed to connect the child and their family to the local church fellowship. While sponsorship is a one to one relationship between you and your sponsor child, the program benefits the entire family and their community. More details about child sponsorship here.

LABONI AKTER Female 7 Gollamari (Khulna) Bangladesh
Meghla Roy Female 8 Botiaghata Bangladesh
Macklin Mondol Male 8 Senhati Bangladesh
TAMANNA Female 9 Years Old Gollamari (Khulna) Bangladesh
MOYNA DAS Female 8 Gollamari (Khulna) Bangladesh
HASHI SHEIKH Female 10 Gollamari (Khulna) Bangladesh
Borsha Biswas Female 7 Botiaghata Bangladesh
Bless Roy Male 11 Senhati Bangladesh
Arupa Bassar Female 9 Botiaghata Bangladesh
Lisa Halder Female 11 Senhati Bangladesh
Masum Kha Male 10 Senhati Bangladesh
RUMPA SIKDER Female 9 Fulbarigate Bangladesh
Muslima Khatun Female 12 Senhati Bangladesh
Alpona Sarker Female 7 Senhati Bangladesh
TURU BUKE F 10 Sololo, Moyale Kenya
QABALE GALGALLO F 12 Sololo, Moyale Kenya
Halkano Golicha Male 3.5 Moyale Kenya
Guyo Duba Male 11 Moyale Kenya
Kule Duba Female 13 Moyale Kenya
Alpha Biswas Male 7 Apilgate Bangladesh
Pyeash Biswas Male 12 Apilgate Bangladesh
Porosh Das Male 7 Chondonimohol Bangladesh
Tume Tadicha Female 9 Moyale Kenya
​Guyo Roba Male 4 Moyale Kenya
​Doyo Liban Male 8 Moyale Kenya
Abaroba Dima Jillo Male 7 Years Old Moyale Kenya
Buke Abdub Liban Female 8 Years Old Moyale Kenya
​Barack Omondi Male 6 Years Old Kibera Kenya
​Georgia Wasonga Female 5 Years Old Kibera Kenya
​Kimberly Mudora Female 8 Years Old Kibera Kenya
​Linnet Akinyi Female 3 Years Old Kibera Kenya
​Rose Adhiambo Female 8 Kibera Kenya
​Alex Ochieng Male 9 Years Old Kibera Kenya

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