Welcome to our Child Sponsorship page. Please remember to give only as you are moved according to His word 2 Corinthians 9:7. 100% of all donations go directly to the mission fields. Here you will be able to sponsor a needy child of your choosing. A few dollars per month will provide life-saving necessities to these precious children of God. Most importantly, we give them Living Water, the Word of God.The sponsorship program is a church based ministry and is designed to connect the child and their family to the local church fellowship. While sponsorship is a one to one relationship between you and your sponsor child, the program benefits the entire family and their community. More details about child sponsorship here.

Purnima Khatun Female 12 Senhati Bangladesh
Antor Biswas Male 11 Botiaghata Bangladesh
TUME DUBA F 8 Moyale Kenya
DIBA GURACHA M 6 Moyale Kenya
Tonmoy Mitro Male 12 Fulbarigate Bangladesh
Waqo Shoba Boru Male 7 Years Old Moyale Kenya
Jaldessa Adi Oba Male 7 Years Old Moyale Kenya
​Ann Achieng Female 5 Years Old Kibera Kenya
​Esther Atieno Female 7 Years Old Kibera Kenya
Faith Achieng Female 4 Years Old Kibera Kenya
​Mary Ann Anyango Female 11 Years Old Kibera Kenya
​Rachel Obuya Female 3 Years Old Kibera Kenya

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